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Enjoying the lighter side of life

At times life can seem dark, dreary, downright depressing. But what happens when we choose carefully what we take in? What if instead of watching the news or reading about the latest tragedy in the

newspaper we choose to clear our mind and raise our vibration to a higher level? We can choose to engage in and enjoy the lighter side of life. The best things in life aren't seen with the eyes but rather felt with the heart. Surround yourself with people who encourage you to just be. No judgments. No expectations. No negativity. Everything is relative and you CAN control your outlook as well as your

Tperceptions. It begins by loving yourself exactly as you are. Protect your ears and whom you allow to speak into your life. It's never too late to reinvent yourself. We have one life, one chance! Make the most of it and as you do, find yourself enjoying the lighter side of life. If you are single and looking to find

someone to enjoy sharing life with call the matchmakers at Suncoast Singles. They have been turning singles into couples for over 20 years!

There have been many counselors, Doctors, researchers and others who have struggled with the mystery about love and relationships.....why some can make it work for only a very short time and others for a lifetime? Gottman, was one well known, modern researcher who wanted to know more about the culture of love and intimacy, and what exactly leads to it's demise. He conducted a study in the late 1990s where he designed a lab on the University of Washington campus to look like a beautiful bed and breakfast retreat. He invited 130 newlywed couples to spend the day at this retreat and watched them as they did what couples normally do on vacation: cook, clean, listen to music, eat, chat, and hang out. And Gottman made a critical discovery in this study—one that gets at the heart of why some relationships thrive while others languish.