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Kindness is the one action that leads down the path to find love quicker than any other. With the hustle and bustle of every day life it is important that we stop and pause and show kindness at each and every

opportunity. Soon, it will become a way of life and once it is you will never go back. People are attracted to kind people. We crave to be listened to, to be heard and understood. Sometimes all it takes is a kind ear who is willing to drop everything and just listen to make a huge impact on someone's day or even year! Do you remember the last time you were out and you got a sincere compliment from a stranger?

Someone who had nothing to gain, who wanted nothing from you, other than maybe a smile? Bill Tosh, Manager of Suncoast Singles says that at the top of the list for both men and women is "finding a partner who is kind and has a good heart". "Kindness, he says, is more desired, than good looks, great

someone to enjoy sharing life with call the matchmakers at Suncoast Singles. They have been turning singles into couples for over 20 years!

riches and an awesome sense of humor." If you are looking and ready to find a loving and committed relationship call Suncoast Singles at 941-713-1000. And don't forget to practice daily acts of kindness! Bill Tosh Manager Suncoast Singles 941-713-1000