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Thai Spice Speed Dating Party

There is always a lot of laughter, a lot of chatter and a whole lot of 2 minute "mini dates" reports Christy, Executive Director and Certified Matchmaker of Suncoast Singles Matchmaking Firm. The Speed Dating Party at Thai Spice last month was no exception. It was a great time to get out and meet other amazing

singles who were like minded and wanting to mingle. "Everyone was very 'into it' and looked really happy... that's when I knew that we had another successful party that was happening." The nice thing about Speed Dating Parties are that they are open to the public and all ages are welcome to attend. One of the questions Christy often gets is, "Why don't you split it up by ages, for example, 60 and older?"

While most people who attend her parties are in their 50s and 60s, there are always a few younger and a few older folks who enjoy coming as well. The funny thing is most of the people can't tell how old the person sitting across the table from them actually is. At the end of the party Christy had one gentleman comment to her that while he had a blast he didn't like being the "oldest one there" and felt it would have

been nice if there were a few ladies that were his age that attended the party; little did he know that there were several ladies that were at least five years older than him! Point being, "Age is so over-rated" says Christy, which is one of the reasons that she doesn't give out ages of the singles who attend and the clients are instructed to keep that information to themselves as well. It is really interesting to see who is attracted and interested in whom when many of the known variables are taken out. "We are all on this amazing journey called LIFE and we have so much more in common than anyone can imagine. One

thing that is for certain, is that we need each other. We need laughter, we need love and to know that we are accepted. As long as she keeps doing her parties that is what Suncoast Singles will be focusing on, providing a fun get together where people know they will be accepted and have a great time!