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Bringing Love Stories to Life Here in Our Own Community

Over 20 years ago, Southwest Florida transplant William Tosh stumbled upon a career path that would grow into his lifelong passion––matchmaking.

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Love and Relationships

There have been many counselors, Doctors, researchers and others who have struggled with the mystery about love and relationships.....why[...]

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Valentines Day Speed Dating

On Tuesday February 13, Suncoast Singles and Insight Marketing will be co- hosting a Valentine's Speed Dating Party at Yumi Sushi located at 1532 Main St. Sarasota. [...]

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Be Proactive

Being proactive is one action that leads down the path to finding what the heart desires quicker than any other. It's one thing to say you want something and quite another to go out [...]

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Enjoying the lighter side of life

At times life can seem dark, dreary, downright depressing. But what happens when we choose carefully what we take in? What if instead of watching the the news or reading[...]

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Kindness is the one action that leads down the path to find love quicker than any other. With the hustle and bustle of every day life it is important that [...]

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Thai Spice Speed Dating Party

There is always a lot of laughter, a lot of chatter and a whole lot of 2 minute "mini dates" reports Christy, Executive Director and Certified Matchmaker of Suncoast Singles[...]

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Puppy love

Puppies are adorable and they bring fun and happiness to our days. But Matchmaker and Single's Party Host, Christy Tromp says that puppy love doesn't come close to bringing the[...]

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